Chasing Greenlights


Friday 8th November 2013

An Electronic/Rock-pop band consisting of 5 guys from Vejle/Horsens in Denmark. Chasing Greenlights started on the 3rd of January 2012 and has since then been in a rapid musical development. The overall genre is electronic rock, but the band also experiments quite a bit with their music. One of the key characteristics of Chasing Greenlights is their joy and their passion for music.

The band consists of four very different individuals with different sources of inspiration. Therefore innovative thinking and musical challenges are something the band values highly. The goal is clear though; to find a "sound" which everyone in the band can vouch for and with that give the audience a musical experience of exceptional quality. The members have all been in bands before, and have much experience on the musical stage.

The band's first EP "Kaleido" in now available on Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud, Wimp, Youtube. 

Chasing Greenlights are inspired by names as: Turboweekend, VETO, Carpark North and Reptile Youth.

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