Chris Floyd


Saturday 5th August 2017

Name, where are you from?
Chris Floyd, London.

What do you do?
Photographer and Filmmaker.

Describe your style in three words:
Classic, restrained, honest.

How did you come to tour with the Verve?
I met them in 1994 on a story for a magazine. Then I went down to see them again when they were recording 'Urban Hymns'. They played me 'Bittersweet Symphony', it blew me away and I never left! 8 months later they went on tour and I went with them. All in all I spent the best part of a year with them.

It’s been twenty years since Urban Hymns – did it feel like the beginning of something special?
It did back then but, ironically, looking back on it now it was actually more of a winding down. Not just in music but also in the world in general. We had this blissful period from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the 1990s, from the perspective of today, was remarkably peaceful and trouble free. A year later, in 1998, I think the mood turned darker and the world as we know it today began to emerge.

A British icon or band who inspire you?
David Hockney

To celebrate the release of The Verve: Photographs, Chris Floyd has selected some of his favourite images from his time on tour with the band, along with a few words from Chris about each photo.

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