Thursday 15th January 2015

Rumblings of melancholic melodies twist round the room like a gathering thunderstorm as CNGRTS deliver shoegazy guitars subsumed in thickly laden branches of bass and percussion, inside of which a vocal writhes to pronounce the measured pacing of the quartet.

The unhurried delivery allows CNGRTS to develop the tracks in a natural flow of sound, which possesses a free form expressionism for the guitars to weave their way round the compositions, giving them considerable a rich seam of exploration for the audience. The heavy felt which darkens the compositions adds considerably to the atmospherics of the pieces of music that absorb the listener.

Despite having been round for a while and with a growing live audience, there is little for those who don’t get to see them live to hear, with just one three track eponymous single, which came out this year.


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