Deap Vally Release Debut Album 'Sistronix'


Wednesday 26th June 2013

LA Rock n Roll duo Deap Vally release their debut album 'Sistronix' on June 28th 2013 on Universal Island Records, straight after their storming performances at Glastonbury Festival, and Dot to Dot Festival at the end of May. Deap Vally are Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums) who met at a crochet class. The girls have rocketed to fame across the globe since the release of their debut single 'Gonna Make My Own Money', on Ark Recordings on July 30, 2012, and 'Sistronix' is arguably one of the best new albums of 2013. 

The album is full of powerful, attitude-giving expressions, with the girls embracing their femininity to achieve supremacy against a backdrop of overdriven guitars and crashing cymbals. Opening track 'End of the World' is full of facile, slow, dirty-riffs and promotes removing hate as there is no need or time. 'Baby I Call Hell' has Lindsey and Julie both harmonising throughout with Lindsey perfectly bellowing out the verses.

'Walk of Shame' is a short intersplicing of vocal power vs instruments with a heavy blues quality followed by their first single 'Make my Own Money'; an ode to anyone who thinks these women might be anything other than independent. 'Your Love' is a mirthful song about a younger lover who had been involved with both the girls, in stark contract to the anger-laden strain of following track 'Lies'.

Closing track 'Six Feet Under' is a dauntless treasure, smoother and heartful than the rest of the album and a perfect closing track to the whole journey by two women who create songs not far off The White Stripes.  

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