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Monday 16th January 2012
djphonomainDJ phono has no fear of failing, for if he shall fail it will be with utter jubilation. he has nothing to loose, but is willing to risk everything. this makes him uncomfortable and unpredictable for all those who dare nothing in life. one thought that never troubles him during his morning toilet is: "impulsive menschen kennen keine grenzen".

Even though being a member of the formation deichkind has evolved dj phono into a different person one should refrain from confusing the two. neither does dj phono produce music for deichkind, nor does their repertoire appear in his dj set. he is the brain behind the deichkind liveshow and the whole overriding concept hidden within the techno lunacy. right from the off he has continuously and tirelessly attempted to force a gap between proletarian and sophisticated culture. he is a hellbender and merciless critic of the band luring them towards the end of the branch.

DJ phono and bon jovi have nothing in common. this is why phono composes music that he likes. “party is my profession” is what he usually replies when being asked, why at 5 am in the morning he is still to be found at the pudel club - sober. there is always something new to discover, no matter where you look. this explains why he has turned his back on the usual “hau den lukas”-method and ignores expectations. he rather likes to pick the bananas from the trees of slow mounting tensions, because dj phono is never bored on stage: yes, he will even turn of his mobile phone off just to be alone with you.

Categories and limitations are only to be vanquished. people often create strange convoluted sentences in an attempt to describe his music. someone once said very fittingly: “emotional-temporary-minimal-but-then-more-and-more-techno-withpop- appeal-thru-techhouse-suitable-for-dancing-taking-the-cake-techno-electro+surprise”. music associated with labels like kompakt, get physical, dial, playhouse, smallville, systematic, dfa, environ, ibadan, border community, ostgut ton, pampa, circus company, bpitch control and liebe detail. boring, dreary minimal-poppycock, is simply left out.

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