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Friday 26th February 2016

The wait for DMA's debut album is over, as 'Hills End' is released today (February 26th) through Infectious/BMG.

The album was mainly recorded by the band in guitarist Johnny Took’s bedroom in Sydney; a collection of the three friends' endeavours over the past three years and, sometimes, beyond. After the attention awarded to the band the album ended up being mixed by the award winning producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.

The twelve track album showcases the band’s unique talent in writing both anthemic and heartfelt tunes which manage to sound like immediate classic guitar-pop songs.

In celebration we got the Australian based, Britpop/Madchester aficionados to put together a playlist for us of songs that inspired them in the creating of this album.

My Bloody Valentine - Soon
From the album 'Loveless'. My Bloody Valentine (Kevin Sheilds) is a huge influence for us, not just sonically but also in the way he produces his own records and how he experiments with sound and production techniques.

Stone Roses - Love Spreads
One of the best sounding drum takes I've ever heard... This is a constant reference track when pulling drum sounds for us.

Jagwar Ma - Man I Need
Great mates of ours. We grew up with Gabby, always love sharing our tunes with each other. This is one my favourite of theirs.

Underworld - Born Slippy
In every playlist I put forward, you just can't go past it. We played with them at Lowlands last year.

Bob Dylan - Isis
One of my favourite songs of all time, a constant lyrical influence. This tune tells the story of marriage. In a tripped out way. Gotta love it.

Royal Headache - Carolina
A great Australian band who write honest songs. Their simple but creative songwriting is definitely an influence to us.

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot
One of the best ever guitar bands. Mason is influenced by this band. You can hear this in our opening track Timeless.

The Knife - Pass This On
Heard this song driving from Portland to LA. What a band.. The film clip for this tune is particularly sick.

Oasis - It's Good To Be Free
A massive influence for me, this is one of my favourite songs. Nostalgic anthems like this one have definitely influenced many tunes on the record, especially the last tune 'Play It Out'.

The National - Fake Empire
This band is all class. Always good on a playlist. An influence to me in the way he delivers his vocals - with honesty and meaning.

DMA's are currently touring the UK, then onto the USA, including stops at SXSW and Coachella, a full list of dates can be found on their website (link at bottom of page). The official video for their latest anthemic single 'Too Soon' can viewed above.

28th Feb - Stereo - Glasgow, UK
29th Feb - The Cluny - Newcastle, UK
2nd Mar- Garage - London, UK
4th Mar - Belgrave - Leeds, UK
5th Mar - Ruby Lounge - Manchester, UK

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