Thursday 13th March 2014

DNKL, they're Swedish and there's three of them. Right now that's almost all you need to know about them.

The music - haunting electronic pop, perfect for for late summer nights and early autumn mornings, will tell you the rest.

Emerged in late summer 2013 DNKL have since then been praised by media around the globe. Their debut song "Hunt" - brooding bass, appealing, engaging melodies encircled by silky-whispered vocals - was voted at  #35 in The Fifty Best Tracks of 2013 at The Line Of Best Fit.

Now they are following up with their second track "Battles", as Notion Magazine calls it "another lesson in nocturnal, downtrodden pop done right by Swedish trio DNKL"

In a Gothenburg basement DNKL are currently working on new music and 2014 is set to unveil much more of what might be one of Swedens most anticipated newcomers.

"'Hunt' is a bleary eyed, 4am triumph, blissfully unaware of how beautiful its isolation and saddened glow truly is." DIY 

"Utterly intoxicating and just a little bit unnerving, its crackling electronics are soon accompanied by haunting vocals that glide like smoke over brooding noir pop synths while the ghost of 80s electro lingers just behind its darkly seductive beats." The Line Of Best Fit 

"Its crackling electronic surface, surging bass and silky, half-whispered vocals remain an an utterly enticing prospect." The Guardian 

"A confession: I’ve listened to ‘Hunt’ about a gazillion times since it sprung up in my inbox earlier this week. Am I ashamed of my addiction? Absolutely not. As first outings go, DNKL’s is as haunting and instantly engaging as they come. Meet your latest obsession." Notion Magazine

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