Doldrums Releases Debut Album


Wednesday 20th February 2013

23 Year-old Airick Woodhead has been endlessly involved in a whole number of remixes and collaborations with his fellow experimental pop peers, and has now produced his debut album as Doldrums. The album Lesser Evil, will be out February 26 via Arbutus in North America and February 25 via Souterrain Transmissions in Europe and the UK. 

The album was recorded primarily on a laptop borrowed from close friend Grimes.

'Anomaly' is the second song on the album, and is available for a free download 

Lesser Evil:

01 Intro
02 Anomaly
03 She Is the Wave [ft. Guy Dallas]
04 Sunrise
05 Egypt
06 Holographic Sandcastles [ft. Sami Nacomi]
07 Singularity Acid Face
08 Lesser Evil
09 Golden Calf
10 Lost in Everyone
11 Painted Black



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