Dropkick Murphys Exclusive Playlist!


Tuesday 19th August 2014

Dropkick Murphys are a legendary American folk-punk band from Quincy, Massachusetts, who formed in 1996. Their sound has a heavy celtic influence, using violins and bagpipes alongside building, folk-influenced melodies. Celtic Punk was a genre founded by London Punks The Pogues, and Dropkick Murphys have gathered a huge, dedicated following since their inception, with crowds of eagar fans always turning up to their legendary, raucous, brassy live shows.

Fred Perry Subculture are excited to present this exclusive playlist from Dropkick Murphys member Matt. 

I think this song pre-dated “hardcore” punk by about six years.  It was recorded in ’73 as an outtake from the “Raw Power” sessions and was only released as an obscure single on Siamese Records in ’77.  Great, ferocious-sounding Stooges track, though suffers from the tinny production that Blitz’s “Voice of A Generation” did— so when you turn it up it makes your ears bleed!  Top tune though! 

2. THE DICTATORS- "Stay With Me"
The band the Ramones site as a major influence, and one of the big players on the early New York punk scene.  1978’s “Blood Brothers” album is full of catchy, punked-out rock and roll, and this is just a classic pop track done the in the Dictators’ heavy style, once a staple during Dropkick Murphys sound checks.  Instantly-recognizable guitar intro and awesome vocals.  One of my favorites!   

3. THE 4-SKINS- "Yesterdays's Hero"
A song that must definitely have been written on the bass guitar!  Song about washed up pop stars, it says it all.  Great bass line, and if you listen hard enough, some Hammond B3 in the mix.  The winners of “Best Dressed Oi! Band” award.  An old favorite of Al’s and mine.  Hoxton Tom for MP! 

The album that started it all for AF back in ’84, “Power” is a street-level anthem if ever there was one.  Ferocious, upbeat, and out-of-tune, but definitely an American boot boy battle cry.  Touring Europe with them in ’98, I got to sit in on drums when Roger couldn’t make the gig and Jimmy the Lump(AF drums) had to sing.  Fun song to play and a great bunch of fellows.  

5. THE UPSETTERS- "Night Doctor"
The best chill-out music and obviously danceable as anything out there.  One of my favorite instrumentals. 

6. THE SAINTS- “Wild About You” 
Maybe a cliché pick for the Saints’ extensive catalogue as it’s from their first LP, but its raggedness and nastiness just rules… and it’s a song about a chick so that’s even cooler.  

7. THE MACC LADS- "Beer and Sex and Chips & Gravy" 
The most bad-ass, offensive, tongue-in-cheek Ramones lookalikes from the Grim North(Macclesfield to be precise) gave us the album’s title track in 1985 and I’m still not sick of their hilarity.  This was in constant rotation during early Dropkick Murphys  tours, and somewhat of an influence.  

8.RAINBOW- "Long Live Rock and Roll"
Title track from the album, featuring my favorite Rainbow lineup.  This song just destroys!  It’s a great one for driving around looking for trouble.  Good ‘70s heavy metal from well before that scene went all pear-shaped.   

9.FACES- "Three Button Hand Me Down"
Awesome shuffle along, booze-soaked lad rock from Rod and the former Small Faces.  B-side to the beautiful “Flying”.  I caught these guys at a Massachusetts gig while still in the womb, so maybe that’s why I feel some bizarre connection with this band.  Plays seamlessly into Grand Funk’s “Some Kind of Wonderful” if you’re a DJ.   

10.THE POGUES “Thousands Are Sailing”
This is probably my favorite Pogues track.  Great lyrics and slightly different and more original than their very early output.  A real stomper and a firm favorite here at Dropkick Murphys HQ.   

11.THIN LIZZY- “Toughest Street In Town” 
This album isn’t very easy to find here in the States, but it’s become by far my favorite T’in Lizzy album.  It has, in my opinion, some of the best and most tasteful dual guitar work courtesy of Gorham and Moore(RIP).  “Toughest Street In Town” is known to some as a filler track, but I’d have to disagree… Just a killer tune featuring the Irish penchant for grim subject matter coupled with uplifting, catchy music.  

12.HOWLIN' WOLF- "Killing Floor"
A song that’s been covered or plagiarized by many over the years, but the original still gets me.  Just a cool song by a legendary musician.    

13.THE ENEMY(UK)- "Had Enough"
I saw this young, diminutive trio at their first U.S. gig in front of about 150 people in Boston, and they ripped it up.  Their first album was a clever mix of the Jam, Oasis, the Who, etc., with huge hooks.  “We’ll Live and Die In These Towns” is a classic album in my opinion, and this song is a reason why.  

14.THE JAM- "Billy Hunt"
This song doesn’t really need an explanation, but it’s another that was in heavy rotation in early Dropkick Murphys van tours.  The Weller Fellow and the boys’ song of jealousy and admiration.  

15.THE BUSiNESS- "Do A Runner" 
My favorite song by Lewisham’s finest.  Pop-Oi! at its best, with the classic Kent/Wale/Fitz/Brennan/Fairbairn lineup.  

16.MOTT THE HOOPLE- “Marrionette” from “The Hoople” LP
Glammy goodness from Ian Hunter and the boys.  This band is mandatory listening for younger kids who want to know about their influences’ influences!  Heavy, catchy, dynamic, songs were their thing, and this song personifies just that.  

17. THE CHORDS- “Maybe Tomorrow” from the “So Far Away” LP
Another great of the Mod revival era.  This is the lead-off track from the album.  Just super-catchy Rickenbacker git-fiddle work and  more-controlled Keith Moon styled drumming keep the song powerful but poppy.  Chris Pope is back at it these days with some great new solo work, and some Chords tunes mixed in.   

18.NERVOUS EATERS- “Just Head” from “Eaterville Vol. 1”
Early Boston punk anthem with a bit of a nasty theme… but what a Goddamned catchy riff!  Such a great, great tune from ’79, these boys were a mainstay at the legendary Rathskellar(“the Rat”) club.   

19.COCK SPARRER- "Last Train To Dagenham"
Not a lot needs to be said about these living legends.  Pure, perfect pop from an East End, worm’s eye view.  Just awesome.  Not one of their biggest tunes, but one of their best!  These Cockney Sparrows are among my favorite bands of all time, and they still deliver better than bands a quarter their age.

The Dropkick Murphys are currently on tour on the following dates:

Sun 9/7/14 Toronto, ON RIOT FEST / Downsview Park
Sun 9/14/14 Chicago, IL RIOT FEST / Humbolt Park
Sun 9/21/14 Denver, CO RIOT FEST / May Farms
Mon 9/22/14 Slat Lake City, UT The Complex
Tue 9/23/14 Billings, MT Shrine Auditorium
Wed 9/24/14 Missoula, MT Adams Center
Fri 9/26/14 Calgary, AB MacEwan Hall
Sat 9/27/14 Edmonton, AB Shaw Conference Center
Sun 9/28/14 Penticton, British Co Penticton Trade & Convention Center
Mon 9/29/14 Vancouver, B.C. Commodore Ballroom
Tue 9/30/14 Vancouver, B.C. Commodore Ballroom
Thu 10/2/14 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
Fri 10/3/14 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory
Sat 10/4/14 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
Sun 10/5/14 Bend, OR Midtown Ballroom
Mon 10/6/14 Seattle, WA Showbox SoDo
Wed 11/19/14 Mexico City, Mex Viva Cuervo Salon
Fri 11/21/14 Santiago, Chile Kmasu Premiere
Sat 11/22/14 Buenos Aires, Argentina Teatro Flores
Sun 11/23/14 Sao Paulo, Brazil Via Marques




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