Thursday 7th March 2013

Edimbourg is a Parisian eletro-music band created one year ago by Julien and Félicie. They met in highschool when they were 15. In those days, they were members of a pop-rock band. When they arrived in Paris to study, they decided to play electronic music.

Although they were only founded a year ago, Edimbourg have already released two music videos, attracted the attention of Les Inrocks and played a number of top Paris venues. Swedish music is going through what seems an endless purple patch, with Paris’ own adopted Swedish duo Herman Dune awarded cult status in the city, it’s hardly surprising then that Paris is starting to develop bands who have borrowed largely from their Scandinavian brethren. Edimourg’s dark and broody sound would also be at home in Brooklyn, a city which has been having its own Scandinavian-induced revolution for a little while, maybe it’s Paris’ turn?

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