Thursday 20th March 2014

What would be left of the local indie scene without some real protagonists like EGOTRONIC Mastermind TORSUN BURKHARDT? An army of Pop academy graduates and conservative geeks emulating what their parents generation did during their rebellion period. Flooding the lulled to sleep target group with planned products, which - of course - were produced on the side in their flat room… No surprise that it seems like a salvation when at least one person uses failure and coincidence as their public life design - and puts it on the tall stage. Someone who is dishing since 13 years already, but is also good at taking in. Someone for whom attitude is not a nice hat, but a 4-letter-word.

EGOTRONIC just do what’s on their minds, not having a master plan for causing indignation. They never put themselves on a throne. A refreshing attribute in a scene where everyone plays important.

Spring 2014: With EGOTRONICs sixth album the label Audiolith plans to conquer the hearts of sympathizers outside of genre borders. EGOTRONIC take a step out of the Electro-Dancefloor-vortex. “Venture more punkrock” is not a desperate escape plan, but a return to their roots. EGOTRONIC transformed into a band of 4 people, with Drummer REUSCHI, electronics engineer KILIAN and of course TORSUN who besides singing now also plays the bass. The new album is called “Die Natur ist dein Feind”.

TECHNOTRONIC or TOCOTRONIC - where does the stylistic journey of the berlin band go? Is this already their most grown-up album? Is it the most diversified and best produced EGOTRONIC album of all times? Why is it so catchy, four-to-the-floor, so natural and rousing? Are EGOTRONIC a real band now or still ingenious amateurs? Is a broadside against FREI.WILD enough to stay king of anti-germany? So many questions, but one answer: REPEAT! 


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