Monday 28th November 2011

Bridging the gap between the electronic and the acoustic has been topical this year. With former emo heartthrob Sonny Moore’s insatiable rise under the guise of the proverbial electronic elephant in the room Skrillex and his recent collaboration with Korn’s Jonathan Davis rendering many speechless, Egyptrixx arrives with a more legitimate take on proceedings. The Canadian producer’s latest offering covers visceral noise merchants Earth and the opening track from their latest album Angels of Darkness of Light I; ‘Old Black.' Teaming up with the indie world’s Ohbijou for the latest single, both A and B side are fantastic. ‘Old Black’ offers a complex, lo-fi ethereal experience reinforced by Ohbijou’s vocals and ‘HIAWATHA,’ the B side is a relentless tribal Night Slugging number. Released on Less Music the limited edition vinyl-only 10” single is out now! Nick Otter.


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