Emily Capell

Exclusive video - 'Brixton Prison'

Wednesday 9th March 2016

Raised in North West London on a diet of Johnny Cash, The Clash, The Smiths, Mod culture and the top 40, Emily Capell employs her eclectic influences to make indie pop with attitude. Emily got her first guitar when she was just 10 years old and was gigging by the age of 14. Not being a fan of ubiquitous TV talent show culture, Emily set her own musical course from the beginning, unafraid to take a lyrical swipe at Ed Sheeran and the like along the way.

Emily explains more about her inspirations “I wouldn’t do music if it wasn’t for Joe Strummer, Joe was one of a kind in his song writing, performing and way of life. He could do all genres: rock, reggae, rap, ska, country, punk, everything! He never sold out either. His last gig was a benefit gig for the fire fighters, he wasn’t interested in money he was interested in music and people. Joe was the last true rock star, the definition of a legend. RIP my hero Joe!”

(Photo: David Levine)

Emily's multi-faceted rebel spirit is well demonstrated in her song 'Brixton Prison', an acoustic version of which you can watch below, in our video exclusive. The song makes no effort to hide its lineage to Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues', transposing the time and place to present day, down to earth Brixton.

Emily performs both solo and with her band The Three Pete Suite (made up of three men - all named Pete). The band has had live success across London including monthly residencies at Proud Galleries and at the Dublin Castle in Camden Town (next of which will be on 14th March).

To find out more about Emily, and see a full list of upcoming live dates visit her website via the links below.

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