Wednesday 1st October 2014

Erato went from unknown to world recognition within weeks, when they posted a very simple a cappella version of Robyn’s ”Call Your Girlfriend” on YouTube. It caught fire and spread all over the world, it so far has around 4,7 million views on YouTube and it’s also been showed on Jay Leno’s ”The Tonight Show” in the US. They have been nominated for a Swedish Grammis as ”innovators of the year” and made several different TV, radio and gala appearances.

They have been noticed by American blogger Perez Hilton and written about in the British Guardian. They were invited to sing on seven tracks on American indie band Passion Pit’s album “Gossamer”. 

They’ve worked with people like Passion Pit singer Michael Angelakos, producers Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons) and Tobias Fröberg (Ane Brun, Theresa Andersson).

In June 2014, Erato released the single “Ambitions”, a cover of the Donkeyboy song.

Now Erato – Amanda Wikström, Petra Brohäll and Ebba Andersson – will release their debut album September 22nd, produced by Tobias Fröberg. Two of the songs from the album, ”Now Go” and ”Piece of You” featured in the hugely successful director Colin Nutley’s new movie ”Medicinen” (opens August 29th). 


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