Tuesday 8th November 2011

My Friends Are My Culture, the new record of the catalan youngsters Furguson, was recorded by the well-known producer Santi Garcia at the Ultramarinos Costa Brava studio during August 2009. Listening to the seven songs of the album, we can find a band that shows great taste in combining melody and post-punk elements. The results from this exciting combination would be somewhere in between HEALTH, Delorean and Jawbox. Actually, that’s not a very different sound from what the band had around a year ago in their first demo La Mort del Bon Minyó, but we can say that they added some distortion and experimentation in this new recording.

Who could imagine that from a quiet little town (named Gurb, population: 2153) such an exciting band like Furguson could have come out? The band formerly began as a trio in Gurb in 2004. the first incarnation of Furguson had only three of the members playing nowadays: Erra as a drummer, Aleix as a singer (and later also on “samplers”) and Edu on guitars. A year later, Albert (keyboards, synths) and Garo (bass) join the group. In 2007 they recorded the songs that they had been working on during that 2-year time period in which they didn’t do much live shows. The result of this recording was the demo tape titled La Mort del Bon Minyó. The title itself is an ironic reference about growing up and becoming an adult. In the demo the band leaves nothing to guess: eleven infectious post-punk shots that show great taste for melodies, the sign of the times. These are songs that can either remind you of The Rapture or make you think about Delorean sans the electronic approach. In 2008 Furguson got out of their rehearsal space more often and began to show themselves around the catalan scene. Their debut in Barcelona, opening for the US band Oxford Collapse, left the veteran Barcelona scene astonished and out of the blue the band become a hot topic. In summer of 2009 they began to record what was going to be their first record with the well-known producer Santi Garcia, at the Ultramarinos Costa Brava studio, located in Sant Feliu de Guixols. The seven songs that shape the record include two songs from the demo La Mort del Bon Minyó: “Dog Racing” and “Everybody else”. The result –beyond the sound improvement compared to the demo– confirm that Furguson keep moving on and adding more elements to their sound palette with songs like “My Friends Are My Culture” or “Three Centuries”. There’s more than mere post punk revival in the mix. While we only needed a couple of bands to make an accurate portrait of the earlier sound of the band, today Furguson’s sonic palette includes a much larger spectrum, ranging acts as diverse as HEALTH, Cap ‘n Jazz and Jawbox. The group doesn’t only appreciate melodies bursting with rythm, but a new interest for experimentation is shown in My Friends Are My Culture. Furguson is a band in motion that keeps creating its own personality, leaving some wonderful tunes like “Three Centuries” all along the way.

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