Happy Hands Club


Tuesday 8th January 2013

Happy Hands Club started as a solo project for Ricky Sokhi, singer + songwriter. But he didn't get the sound on the songs he wanted by himself, so he asked some friends if they wanted to play, and all of a sudden they were a seven piece band.

In November 2011 they released their debut EP, followed up by album Parking lot in April 2012. Since then, they have made a lot of club gigs in Sweden. The album is also released in Japan via Inpartmaint Records, and in January 2013 it will be released in Germany via Pop-up Records, and they will also do a Germany tour in March.

They just released their new single Can't win this, which also has a music video.

In December there will be a remix EP, with remixes by bands such as Palpitation, Azure Blue, Simian Ghost and Katakomb.

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