Heart Sick Groans


Tuesday 1st May 2012

HEART-SICK GROANS is one the most amazing bands to come along in recent years. With the kind of sound you can't forget, even when really trying. The youngsters have proven that they appreciate it and love it.

viThere's no confusing the Swedish trio's sparkly detailed "pop" sound with anyone else's. You know you're listening to HEART-SICK GROANS. Look at them go, the perspiration, lots of it...

Prepare for delightful crisp ear-tantalizing adventurous folky indiepop with a tropical touch, as HEART-SICK GROANS swing their summer soundtrack brushes! Short skirts will curl up, tense muscles will snap under tanned skin and dogs will bark joyously... Here. Now. HEART-SICK GROANS strikes again!!!!!

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