Hello Gravity


Wednesday 7th March 2012

"These two minutes before the show are probably the most tense moment in a musicians life, there is no proper comparison to this intimate and tense situation"

Four guys entering the stage - a simple and plain "Hello" - the first chords of the opener introduce Hello Gravity?s energetic show. In August 2011, Hello Gravity released their first album, named Wunderkind. One can?t deny the fact that it already seems to be a Wunderkind for them.

The brothers Mike (Voc) and Tom Zitzelsberger (Bass), Felix Koch (Guitar, Backvoc) and Simon Popp (Drums) met during highschool in Schrobenhausen, a small town in the heart of Germany, Bavaria. Most striking is the bond they share. Not just music, but also deep friendship and brotherhood seem to keep them all together and down-to-earth.

At this point one could write about their name. That "Hello" expresses a familiar and friendly greeting and that "Gravity" stands on the one hand for down-to-earthness and on the other hand for breaking the laws of physics. But more important is their way of expressing themselves through music. Music is their way of dealing with problems and appears to be the one constant that keeps the balance in their life.

"I call it white lies, you only know black and white"

Their lyrics are about the issues an adolescent has to face. Without sugarcoating ugly truths, they stick to the combination of metaphorical and plain, direct language. A coincidence forged the way of producing their beloved debut album. At a concert they were introduced to the producer Ron Flieger. They handed their demo EP over to him. One thing led to the other and today they can proudly present "Wunderkind"

"Why Wunderkind? It was pretty obvious to us, we wanted to keep our provincial German roots but also try to make internationally accepted music, thus we chose Wunderkind, a term that derives from the german language but simultaneously exists in English."Small-minded is obviously different.

So the following dream does certainly not seem too far-fetched: "What we wish for is being able to earn our livings by doing what we love, by making music."

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