Thursday 13th March 2014

Hollydays were formed in high school when like all teenagers, we were playing music in our garage. We weren’t really ambitious and we never thought it would ever grow that much. Being in a band was nothing but our childhood dream.

In the beginning, Hollydays was the story of a brother, his sister, and their friend Sebastien. They were playing covers ; anything casual until they took a step forward by starting making a handful of pop songs. Pop by its original meaning being « popular ». Hollydays love melodies that every one can sing, all together : hand by hand, in a gig, with the neighbor that you never had to chance to meet 

We wanted from the beginning to mix all of our inspirations, the passions and the things we love. We come from different music backgrounds and we used to listen to rock, metal eventhough you can’t really tell by hearing our songs. Adrien loves progressive rock, Mogwai, Ratata,… Sebastien is more into the underground music scene like Nicolas Jaar… Artists like them played a significant role in our music. Hollydays’s music is open-hearted.

They worked hard and still working to become what they dreamt and every step they take they believe more and more in Hollydays. And the more they do together the more it feels like they complete each other. Adrien is the sound engineer, his sister Elise is instinctive and Sebastien composes riffs.

Trio is the perfect formula and some even call it the"Power Trio". 

In December 2012 and only 30 days after Hollydays started officialy, they played in their first gig. Playing live in Paris, where all started, is when they are at their very best. 

We came of out of nowhere and suddenly we landed at Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival (Villa Noailles, South of France). The Shoes were playing there the year before us.

The three keep in mind what they aim to do : pop songs. Real pop songs, the ones you can love by listening to them played with an acoustic guitar. 

We all have the same vision : a good melody can make the difference.

Are they naive? No, Hollydays are aware of their.

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