Thursday 13th March 2014

Honeymilk was formed in Stockholm, September 2012 and although if one year may seem like a short period of time, they had a very productive and successful first year. The 1st of May 2013 the third single “Situations of You” was released and the band had acquired critical acclaim and radio airtime from all around the world.

Boosted by the success with the three previous singles “Sweden’s finest” loaned a house outside of Stockholm, bought equipment and spent nine days in July recording what came to be “Lean on the Sun”, the group’s debut album, released 25th of November. And the positive acclaims did not abate when the single “Light Entertainment” was released 2:d of October. It has spent three weeks in a row at the No 1 spot on prominent Amazing Radios chart and plenty of airtime both in the UK and US, impressive reviews and it climbed to no 3 on 22tracks (NL) chart beating both Grizzly Bear and Savages. 

Recently Honeymilk toured the UK with ensuing praises and on the 11th of December they released their latest single “Sea to Shining Sea”, an uptempo pop song with restless lyrics, a song that captures the feeling of the band; a yearning for the power and will to achieve something important. An eternal curse being from small towns in a sparsely populated country.

Honeymilk is a band of intentional and many contrasts and plenty of comparisons has been made (Wilco, Calexico, a vintage Pavement, indie-reincarnated the Kinks etc). But the US-blog Unpeeled expressed it entertainingly: “Everything you wouldn't expect from Scandinavia. Dirt, snarling, happy chaos, sinister backing vocals, chunky and chopping riffs. They’re a copper bottomed, hip-swinging, sneering bunch of slouchers!"

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