Huw Costin


Monday 10th June 2013

Huw Costin is a British singer-songwriter known for his emotional vocal style, melancholic lyrics, and a penchant for writing nifty pop songs when the mood takes him. He has worked with Brian Eno, Echoboy and Mark Lanegan, as well as being part of Earth The Californian Love Dream and The Cold Light Of Day.

As influenced by the folk, country, and rock of the 60’s and 70’s as the Nottingham ambient scene of the early nineties, and though compared to Big Star and Ian Brown, Costin takes inspiration from a more eclectic body of sounds and players in the creation of his own music. 

His debut album 'Regrets' found its way into the NME Yearbook as a top 10 album and his second solo album ’Something/Nothing’ is planned be released 10th June 2013.

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