I am Dive


Wednesday 4th September 2013

I am Dive (Seville, Spain) released 'Ghostwoods' after four previous EPs, in November 2012. This record was a milestone in the way the band worked both soundscaping and lyrics: voice tracks got resampled and processed to become synth pads or keyboard sounds that shared space with raw acoustic guitars in the most natural way; the use of the reverb and the utterly confdent way the band stepped onto the I-am-Dive- way-of-making-music, along with the new found path to more organic beats built from scratch with real percussion sounds (hitting shoe boxes, guitar cases, tables, chairs and sofas), made this album be one of the best records of the year in Spain, according to almost every music publication in Spain. Folk, IDM, ambient and post rock growing and evolving together. This record made the band tour quite heavily across Spain, play big festivals such as FIB and also take the great leap into their frst US Tour, starting at SXSW Festival in Austin TX and ending fourteen shows later in New York City. Moreover, 'Ghostwoods' has been released in South Korea and will be in Japan right after the Summer of 2013. Often compared to such well know artist like Sigur Rós, Mark Kozelek, Sam Amidon, Neil Young, Oneohtrix Point Never or Slowdive, One can safely say that, doubtlessly things have not but just started for I am Dive. 

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