Ideals - 'Altar'


Tuesday 31st January 2012

We all have Ideals. A sense of what we want, or at least, what we think we want. We strive for them and they can potentially define us as a person, until they change. So, with this definition in mind, you can already tell that Ideals take on this philosophy. With the release of their new single 'Altar' on the horizon, we thought we would take a listen and see if their music matched their moniker.

There are very few bands like Ideals. They posses all the elements to fall into an overplayed, four chord parody of everything else, but they cleverly avoid that pitfall. What you could say is that they are inoffensive. Now when we say this we don't mean boring, because they are anything but. They have a knack of good composition, and 'Altar' is a great example of this skill, one in which many bands lack. This shows maturity, as do Andrew's vocals. There is a wisdom in his delivery which instantly hooks you. There is clarity to his voice that resonates this also, with surprising range. Together they have direction and purpose, that, as before, somes up the very word ideals.

We haven't caught these guys live yet, but are assured to truly appreciate their unique energy, it is a must. Their E.P 'Let Your Anger Leave You' is already in stores, so run out and grab a copy. Unfortunately, 'Altar' doesn't hit the shelves until 19th of March (Inturuder Records) but we have been given the video for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy and have a good'un.


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