Idianna Dawn


Monday 30th April 2012

With their debut album 'Somebody's Dead' Indianna Dawn is well on their way of being one of Denmarks brightest stars in the urban folk & country genre. The music contains both the soothing vibe of the American south along with a hard Nordic edge.  

Indianna Dawn revolves around singer and songwriter, Dianna Maria Doenns - her honest songs and  quirky lyrics filled with humor and irony.

There is both pain and joy in Diannas fragile and yet strong vocal and when she sadles up with the rest of the band they'll leave a little print in your heart saying 'Indianna Dawn was here'.

Indianna Dawn have through years of live performance carefully picked out the ten songs that made all the way to the record. All arrangements and production are executed by Indianna Dawn.

The record 'Somebody's Dead' is published September 5th 2011.

The first single 'Always I Miss You', which is currently being played on Danish National radio P4 and P6, is a song about honestey, and how to compromise without losing oneselves.

The second single “Katja” is also on rotation on P4 and the esteemed DJ Alex Nyborg Madsen said these words about the song: Beautiful Danish Music on the same level as Tegan & Sara.

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