Monday 13th January 2014

About a year ago, after trying to catch on with more or less success with other bands, this trio of self-educated musicians moved to the disconcerting as well as exciting world of progressive-organic-instrumental-superlative-superalternative-supermarket-noise. They don´t really know how did they end up playing so loud an so fast, but it might be all these years of non successful rehearsals with their former bands condensed in every song, so every song is 10 rehearsals of different bands playing at the same time which is an experience that every human should live at least once in its lifetime (according to the experts). We can call it necessary-live-music-experience. Or noise. 

We tried to make it long ago, when there where words from lads and ladies, thats when the music made himself, when you don't need words from the pop, we failed and make pretend we were good, we made pretend rock was alive, but here we are somehow again, and youth will came now to your lives, don't thank us for what we have become, ´cause it´s what you dreamed long ago...

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