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Monday 30th April 2012

From riots to student protests, Molotov cocktails to the guillotine, France has never shied away from radical social and political upheaval. Swarming with fuzzed-up guitars, hypnotic rhythms and sultry, sexy vocals, the cry of Vive la Révolution! has now been set to a beat. Crawling out from the dark, dance clubs of the Paris underground, If The Kids are looking to make the world party hard.

From the moment one-time dance club DJ Brice Montessuit heard Mademoiselle Marine sing at a chance meeting in Paris he knew she was the mellifluous voice who could take his love of all things electro and help to create the band he craved. Fellow cohorts from the club scene Vinz and Aymeric joined Brice and Marine on guitar and drums but one more thing stood in the pair’s way: the English language. Tired of curtailing to the demands of the French music industry and writing only in their native tongue, Brice was determined to take his music to the masses. So with melodies filling up their hard drives by the minute, the band, as Marine eloquently puts it, had to solve one simple problem: “I’m not so good in English.” But as if by magic the band found its very own ‘fifth Beatle’. Swooping in like some kind of rock’n’roll Superman to save the day came a mysterious lyric writer. However, like the truth behind Superman’s true identity, this enigmatic wordsmith also remains a mystery—even to the band itself. A relationship born out of MySpace, the band has never met its lyrical saviour. Girl? Boy? Man? Woman? A cyber Svengali of Malcolm McLaren proportions? Possibly an alien beaming in subliminal lyrics that will brainwash us all before the final invasion? Nobody knows; but it’s working.

With this problem solved the band barricaded itself up in a studio in Notre Dame and recorded the mercurial new single ‘Tell Me What You Want’, along with b-side and possible future single in its own right is ‘My Life Is Now’. It’s another dance floor grooving, alien punk monster and is currently chomping on your t.v’s as the soundtrack to the Alexa Chung fronted Lacoste Joy of Pink advertising campaign. With an album full of tracks that promise to live up to their debut’s beat-laden and raw power brilliance and playing Paris’s clubs by night with the kind of energy Brice yearned for from seeing the likes of Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, The Libertines and The White Stripes, If The Kids rock’n’roll destiny is complete.

Taking electro back to its raw core, it’s not surprising to learn that Punk has also played a big role in shaping the band—not least in its name. “When I was a teenager there was a French band that did a cover of ‘If The Kids Are United’ by Sham 69,” recalls Brice. “I looked up the lyrics and found them really cool—‘If the kids are united, they will never be divided’. So I’d kept that in my mind and thought it was a great name for a band. That was very inspirational for the music we’re making.”

Parisian-punk-electro or simply a 21st century take on classic rock’n’roll, it doesn’t matter what you call it or how you try to describe it ‘cause one thing’s for sure—If The Kids are united in making the world dance to their beat.

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