Karin Park


Monday 19th January 2015

Karin Park grew up in very religious family in a tiny Swedish town and spent some of her youth in a Japanese military school. It’s this unusual upbringing that’s responsible for the goth-pop sounds on her most recent album Highwire Poetry . She worked closely with her brother David (drummer in her two-man band) on the record and Barry Barnett and Christoffer Berg took over the production aspects – they’re known for their work with Fever Ray, The Knife, Massive Attack and Little Dragon. The album was met with rave reviews and Park’s already won four Norwegian Grammys. For 2013’s Eurovision, she wrote the song for Norway, for which they received the country’s best-ever result, landing them fourth place in the competition. She subsequently sang guest vocals on Maya Jane Coles’ “Everything” and is able to count David Bowie and Massive Attack as her fans."

Look What You've Done" taken from the forthcoming new album "Apocalypse Pop" released March 2nd 2015.

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