West London Noise Rock

Monday 4th April 2016

Keroscene are a 4-peice Rock band from West London, consisting of David Troster (vocals/guitar), Francesco Bondi (guitar/sampler), Jake Sorbie (vocals/drums) and Thomas Marion (bass).

The rock quartet create powerful, emotive songs that are informed by the glory of guitar bands such as Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, meaning their music is influenced by a wide range of lo-fi sounds and genres, from Shoegaze, Post-punk, Grunge and even Indie.

However, Keroscene are still progressive and alternative in the true sense of the word, by incorporating numerous other elements their music remains unique with a comtemporary edge - ending up with a process and sound which they have dubbed 'mulitcoloured melancholy'.

This multicoloured melancholy is crafted at Keroscene's home and creative hub called 'Unit-4', a small warehouse in west London where they live, work, record and host DIY shows/parties.

The band plan to release a new song every 6 weeks. Each release will be supported by a launch party at Unit-4 and will be a combination of video and audio releases. the first track ofrom this ambitious multi-platform project is 'Just Like Zero' described as 'a heady mix of synth melodies together with lyrics that resonate both a deep and light hearted energy simultaneously.' Check it out on SoundCloud above.

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