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Wednesday 16th January 2013

With a much anticipated debut album soon to be released after a markedly well received 2011 EP, and a recent nomination for the best new music BBC Sound of 2013 poll, Archy Marshall AKA King Krule is like a fermenting fluid - effervescing too much to be contained by its current vessel. With unprocessed, allusive lyrics, a sound blending stripped-down elements of dubstep, experimental indie and jazz, and an appearance which is equally cross-genred, King Krule cites influences ranging from 50s rock n roll to hip hop, has a charged interest in the London underground scene, and has ambitions of starting a new 'raw' movement in Britain. 

Read his answers to a few questions asked by Fred Perry Subculture, below.  

1. Why did you change your name from Zoo Kid and how did you pick the name King Krule?

Zoo Kid is a name I had when I was much younger, and I didn't wanna be a kid all my life. I picked the name King Krule because it’s similar to King Creole. 

2. What is DJ JD-Sports all about?

DJ JD-Sports is a side project- it's all about sporting J Dilla. That what it stands for: Sporting J Dilla, I'm a massive fan. 

3. How would you describe the King Krule sound?  

Like a meat grinder. With all genres as the meat, and my brain as the grinder. 

4. What can we expect from your imminent debut LP and when is the release?

You can expect more of the same stuff from the album, it's out in May.  

5. What do you think about the current music scene in London – please list good acts and venues have you been to recently? 

London is definitely exciting in the underground. There are a lot of young musicians in South East London like the Southpaw Saints, Haraket, Filthy Boy and Psylus who are starting to perform more.

6. You spoke recently of starting a new 'raw' movement in Britain – do you think there is a new subculture emerging in Britain and can you tell us your thoughts on this? 

It's starting to happen but it's difficult to say if it's gunna take off. Definitely there's a lot of people trying to get things going more physically, and play more shows so that it's not just about the internet. Things are starting to happen. I'd like to start a new 'raw' movement though!

7. If you could have any artists cover you, dead or alive, who would you pick?

I'd like J Dilla to sample me. And I'd like to have worked with Gil Scott-Heron. For a cover, I'd like Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran together to cover a ballad mix. 

King Krule's latest release was a double A-side single featuring two stunning new tracks, 'Rock Bottom' and 'Octopus', which can be streamed from above. They are two very different songs; 'Rock Bottom' as a triumphantly doomed airstrike of rhythm and blues equipped with deconstructed blast-beat percussion and Marshall's characteristic croon in more vital, venomous form than we've heard it before, while 'Octopus' lethargically emerges from beneath a thick cloak of electronic smog and dub textures, melding swathes of low-end frequency and shimmering atmospherics against blissed-out incantations and snaking sax solos.

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