Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Kokoshca was born in 2007 as a duo in Pamplona (Spain). The needs of making music of Amaia and Iñaki lead them to start playing together and make songs.

Amaia's sweet voice is mixed with distorted guitars and Iñaki’s darker voice. They gave their first concert in a tiny bar and continued playing live shows. After some time playing together they decided to find a drummer. Javi joined theband in 2008.

Their first show as a trio was in Madrid. There, the underground record label Birra y Perdiz, hired them and the band recorded their first album in their own basement "Únete a Kokoshca” (Byp, 2008) a compilation of all the early songs. In 2009 they recorded their second album. Consolidated as a band, the three members composed, sang and were key parts of the project. "La Fuerza" (BYP, 2010) comes out in February 2010.

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