Monday 7th January 2013

Behind the name Ladylion perches songwriter Randi Løvendahl, whose musical universe is as charming as it is insistent.

Borne forth by the energy of a playful rhythm section, and swathed in layers of husky harmonies, Løvendahl’s voice entices you into a lion’s den with equal parts passion, tenderness and edge. Hints of inspiration can be heard from sources like Feist, Ane Brun and American indie folk.

Last winter, split between a solitary garret in Paris and the company of fellow songsmiths in Austin, Løvendahl wrote material that was later presented to enthusiastic audiences at this year’s Spot Festival and elsewhere in Denmark and Germany.

Ladylion is now laying down tracks for a coming album, collaborating with producer Mikkel Bolding (Messy Shelters, Larsen & Furious Jane). The album is slated for release in May 2013.

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