Le Volume Courbe "THEODAURUX REX" EP


Thursday 10th November 2011

"Le Volume Courbe" have inadvertently grabbed our full attention over the last week. Flying into our SubSonic section and now slap bang into a featured article with their new EP "THEODAURUX REX" released through Pickpocket Records November 7th, (that's today to you and me), by our books they can do no wrong.

Charlotte Marionneau heads up the band along with Melanie Draisey, Theodore Hall, Chris Macklin, Wildcat, Lascelle Gordon and Barney Slater. There is such a refined sound amongst this band, that, although there are a number of elements equalling members, the tracks come off as minimal. A unique quality, being able to refine vast constituents so precisely. This EP is, if to be described in terms of an emotion, "Blissfully Happy". This could very well be the work of gentle plucks on the violin and swooping flurries on the Harp. It is almost the epitome of the classic "French" sound, just with a glint into the future. Another refreshing factor are the ever so slightly out of sync harmonies. This again reiterates the near heavenly, but grounding ambience. A harmonica quivers ever gently on the track "I Love The Living You" with an infiltrating breathy voice, backing each other up. There is no sense of urgency here, merely a woman reciting stories past. Another striking beauty is the accent. A lot of nationalities that sing in another language tend to hone in on dialect and slang. Charlotte on the other hand chooses her own manner. By no means is this inaudible. Quite the contrary in fact. This use of colloquialism hones the listener in deeper, luring them to the true meaning of the song, potentially, even behind the words. Flipping over to the B-side there are some prime examples of juxtaposition used to near perfection, creating, well, a real surprise if you will. Often a band will fall into the trap of a tone throughout. Now, there is nothing wrong with this passé, however, by the middle of an album, you can get a touch bored, knowing, pre-empting even what is coming next. Like new Tim Burton films, no offence to the man, he has a fine body of work behind him. However, we all know that whatever he does next will most likely incorporate CGI and, yes, you've guessed it, Johnny Depp! (Apologies for the digression) Le Volume Courbe do not fall into this trap. Starting in the same dreamy vane as the A-side, chimes of the glockenspiel twinkle away, luring you into a full sense of self-security. Believing you are in safe territory, jagged synth distortions stutter, heavy footed and loud. In an odd sense, it is actually quite soothing. This trend continues for a short while, until an almost early Mario 8 bit soundbyte drops between the Glock, Synth and Charlottes rousing voice. We end on something a touch mystical. An emotional track that seems to weave, created by the pleading violin standing out amongst steady but thumping beats on the bass drum. Each element standing apart yet integrating with the next. An end to a truly great EP. We wait for the LP with baited breath, the music is that good!


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