Lost Dawn


Monday 13th October 2014

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking Jim Morrison had risen from the grave and sullied (or some might say thankfully bestowed) the waters of Cornwall with some seriously heavy hallucinogens of late.

Bubbling up in the seemingly serene port of Falmouth is a small, perfectly formed and very energetic scene of bands playing an explosive mix of garage rock, psychedelia, blues and in the case of Lost Dawn some touches of Glamrock and a sprinkle of black magic.

Lost Dawn are Stanley Duke and Ben Woods: Duke, a one time dabbler in electronic music but now full time artisan, Lost Dawn frontman and the possible lovechild of Morrison, Bolan and Devendra Banhart; and Woods, producer of many a garage recording including the work of fellow Falmouth scenester’s The Black Tambourines and The Red Cords and also the man behind side project The Golden Dregs, a track of which can be found on Rough Trade New York’s 80N7 compilation.

On 17th November Lost Dawn release their debut single Manchild an unadulterated and explosive 6.52 minutes of what can only be described as psychedelic rock meets tribal witchcraft.

Manchild is taken from Lost Dawn’s debut album which will be released early 2015. Both available via Easy Action. The three leading bands from the Falmouth scene Lost Dawn, The Red Cords and The Black Tambourines have announced a string of UK dates throughout October December (as above).

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