Manic Street Preachers - Wonderful videos


Friday 13th September 2013

As many will be aware, Manic Street Preachers released new single, 'Show Me The Wonder' on September 9th with the album, 'Rewind the Film' hot on its heels on September 16th. The accompanying video for 'Show Me The Wonder' is a delightful time shifting promo, placing the Manics on stage in a Welsh colliery social club at some floating point of nostalgia in the 1970s, complete with mining lanterns, dimple mugs and huge collars. The song's wall of soulful trumpets and heavy beat complete the illusion of time travel.

The quintessentially British retro video was directed by Kieran Evans and appears to act as a direct response (sequel or prequel depending on your point of view) to the sentiment of his previous video for the Manics, the breathtakingly poignant 'Rewind the Film' featuring fellow legend Richard Hawley (see below).

Viewing both videos in succession serves to increase the poignancy of the two films and the wonderful songs they support.

In a recent interview with The Quietus, Manics bassist Nicky Wire said, "...Rewind The Film is isolated, quiet and introspective It’s the most melancholic and inward looking the band have been in quite sometime...".

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