"More…Or Less. The Specials Live"


Thursday 2nd August 2012

To mark The Specials' upcoming appearance at the Hyde Park Olympic Games Concert on August 12th, alongside other British music greats,  Blur and New Order, EMI will be releasing a live album, "More…Or Less. The Specials Live". The Specials' recent reformation, and sold out live shows, have refocussed the eyes of the world on the band who instigated the revolutionary 2-Tone movement, fusing punk and ska, uniting black and white, their thought provoking sentiment, in tracks such as "Ghost Town", as valid in these days of austerity and tension, as it ever was in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

This live album demonstrates this cultural relevance perfectly over its 26 tracks, selected by the band from recordings of their 2011 tour. The audience play a crucial role, singing on many of the tracks, which clearly still resonate with people worldwide. Find out how to win one of three, incredibly rare signed copies of the CD, exclusively through Fred Perry Subculture, here! "More…Or Less. The Specials Live" is released 6th August 2012. Full track listing is as follows: CD 1 1. A Message To You Rudy 2. Do The Dog 3. It's Up To You 4. Nite Klub 5. Doesn't Make It Alright 6. Concrete Jungle 7. Too Hot 8. Monkey Man 9. (Dawning Of A) New Era 10. Blank Expression 11. Stupid Marriage 12. Too Much Too Young 13. Little Bitch 14. You're Wondering Now CD 2 1. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) 2. Rat Race 3. Man At C&A 4. Hey Little Rich Girl 5. Do Nothing 6. Pearl's Cafe 7. Stereotype 8. Ghost Town 9. Friday Night, Saturday Morning 10. International Jet Set 11. Gangsters 12. Guns Of Navarone (Vinyl track listing as per CD) For more news from The Specials go to www.thespecials.com


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