Tuesday 17th July 2012
najwamainMaking music is like coming back home on a windy and snowy day….playing with music I find my epicentre…my home….I forget is cool outside. To give shape to an album becomes something like being safe the maximum amount of time possible before returning to the battlefield, and so, I remember the great escape building songs since childhood. The road up to today is been just that, the road. It started being the smell of a delicious cake to which you badly want to bite to then realize bit by bit as I grew older. I never had a great voice but I did have my own. It was a long process and very personal to shape this my voice until it came to sound as it does, as my voice.I went a bit wild and started mixing my successful actress career with my song making, producing and building. After the success of movies like ‘Lovers of the Arctic Circle’ and the album following ‘Carefully’ I lived a mystic and private moment where I met who would later become my producer, Raul Santos. I also realised I could work with various different talented producers and musicians and saw clearly how that could enhance the growth on my songs and later albums. With ‘Mayday’ we started stepping into a more ambient rock and we started playing live more and more often, rediscovering what it felt to be surrounded by professional musicians in the big stages of Spain and Latin America. Everything became more organic, paying with one only musician or several and not only with a computer.

With ‘Walkabout’ and ‘Till it Breaks’ I realized I could take more turns and started composing in Spanish, my mother tongue and the weapon to reach to a lot more people. My past is mixed, Arabic and Spanish with an strong link to the UK where part of my close ones reside. This mix is part of the reason why I feel I need to connect with someone like James Blake, with whom I wish and hope a strong link is about to be created, for good.

Our last hit, contained in our previous album under the title of ‘El Ultimo Primate’ is where I was last year...the last monkey...the last human being...the last of it all. I am more in love with music than ever and so it is coming to matter in my new songs. Beats, obscure but shinny at the same times…confusing? Perhaps, but when it goes into your ears it all seems to make sense.

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