New Young Pony Club relaunch as NYPC


Wednesday 2nd October 2013

With their early releases in 2005-2006, New Young Pony Club, now renamed NYPC, injected a dangerous sexiness with their cocktail dress punk/new-wave aesthetic, into the new music scene of the MySpace era. New Young Pony Club stood alongside peers that included Klaxons, Hot Chip and The Gossip, but with a sophisticated pop-portability, demonstrated by tracks such as "Ice Cream", that saw them feature on the soundtracks of car adverts, and win support slots with Lily Allen and even Katy Perry.

Two albums (and eight years) later with the third readied for release on October 7th, self titled 'NYPC' to clearly identify their reincarnation, the abbreviated two piece now comprise of vocalist Tahita Bulmer and instrumentalist Andy Spence.

"It feels like a new band in one way," says Andy, talking about their decision to be a duo. "But Ty and I had been writing for at least a year or more before anyone else had ever entered the frame – the majority of 'Fantastic Playroom' had already been written and recorded with just us. So it feels like we’ve just come back to the honest position where we've started."

The album kicks off with the superbly minimal 'Hard Knocks' (see video below) with its lush Add N to (X) analogue synth texture and gamelan chimes.

'Things Like You' is a sun bathed pop song appearing to draw on similar influences to Metronomy's 'The English Riviera' and 'Now I'm Your Gun' also has a distinctly Moroder feel to it. Bulmer's voice makes up more than half of the minimal palette used throughout but 'You Used To Be A Man' makes full use of her various vocal personas, layering them into a Madonna-like tower of pop. Likewise 'Overtime' seems to give Spence a showcase for his newly honed sounds.

'Play Hard' introduces a different direction for the album - darker with heavily flange filtered guitars and more dark 80s synth. The Yazoo-like format that the band now take is hinted at more on 'Everything Is' which almost feels as if it could break into 'Don't Go' at moments, with steel drums picking up where the earlier gamelan leaves off. Final track 'L.O.V.E.' inhabits the same 1980s New York skyline as the rest of the album, more 'French Kissing In The USA' than it is 'Heart Of Glass', but fantastic. A slick set of minimal moody songs, with NYPC's trademark underlying tension.

NYPC - full tracklisting:
01. Hard Knocks
02. Sure As The Sun
03. Things Like You
04. Now I'm Your Gun
05. I Came Through For You
06. You Used to Be A Man
07. Overtime
08. Play Hard
09. Everything Is
10. L.O.V.E.

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