Panik Disco


Friday 20th June 2014

Panik Disco, an energetic DJ-duo with a passion for tropical, global sounds and heavy bass. Their combination of passion and energy has given them the reputation of truly being Swedish ambassadors of tropical bass.

No dancefloor stands still when these guys comes together to plays their tunes, there´s just no way. They make you go bananas!

Panik Disco's sick beat that was the foundation for their debut-single as artists and producers simply had to be matched with an equally sick and uplifting rhyme and so the idea of mixing Finnish and English in a tribute to life (in a global world), came about with their featured guest Mathilda Lindgren from electro/pop trio Artymove.

Mathilda says; ”All In (No Niin) has brought out the craziest and most over the top part of Artymove in a way we hope it will do to everybody who listens to the tune! The track is a tribute to life and to those who dares to go their own way and live it to the max.”

Thomas of Panik Disco says; ”It's been awesome working together on this track. Both our groups has a universal understanding and love for the global world and how it sounds and we share the same incessant love for beats, grooves and

passionate and sweaty dance music. The result of this is "All in" and we are super psyched to see how the beautiful, and kind of marginalised, language of Finnish finally gets its revival on the dance floors around the world.

(Btw, "no niin" means sort of "come on/allright".)



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