Wednesday 29th October 2014

After meeting at a party in Paris four years ago, Simon and Pierre started making music as PARADIS. They would soon put out a first record in 2011, « Parfait Tirage / La Ballade de Jim », also the first release for Tim Sweeney’s label Beats in Space, based in New York.

The following year, they released a second single, « Hémisphère / Je m’ennuie » and a couple of remixes. For all of these tracks, they’ve wanted to write songs in French echoing some of the music of their time, house, techno, without any particular boundaries. For the past two years, PARADIS have federated a great first circle on the internet : their very first productions have been played more than 5 million times on YouTube, sparking a genuine interest in France and everywhere in the world.

Garde Le Pour Toi » is the first single from their EP which will be released in January 2015. In a few weeks, the song has made its mark among the sharpest websites and press dedicated to pop music as well as house and techno. The beginning of a brand new and exciting musical journey…

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