Tuesday 9th April 2013

Inhabiting their own beautiful, ethereal corner of the musical universe, poised exquisitely at the crossroads between the soaring soundscapes of Spiritualized and naive pop melodies, new UK duo Paradise are an absolutely sublime proposition.

Although the pair of are only releasing their debut single, their world already sounds so gorgeously and perfectly formed. The heady pop rush of “Endless Wave”, for instance, is pronouncedly idiosyncratic yet utterly glorious, wedding its invocation of towering, wall of sound landscapes to its rapturous appreciation of canonical pop classicism to create the aural equivalent of an adrenaline shot straight to the cerebral cortex. Indeed, its repeated refrain of “all aboard my friends/ here comes the endless wave” proves all but impossible to resist at the song’s delirious climax.

Meanwhile, their spiralling cover of Slapp Happy’s classic “Blue Flower” expands on the original, excavating new dimensions to the song to create a sumptuous vision of transcendental grace, its aching, deeply affecting chorus of “superstar in your own private movie/ I wanted just a minor part” given extra poignancy and emotional heft with the help of a soaring gospel choir. Over the span of just two songs, Paradise’s single combines jaw-dropping majesty and sonic invention, celebrating their inimitable vision and talent fully and without cliché. And this is merely the beginning – the pair have also now recruited a band, to create an amazing live sound to reflect the recordings, with live dates slated for the near future.


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