Petite Meller


Friday 8th November 2013

Introducing Petite Meller. Born and raised in Paris, she writes weird, visceral pop, that celebrates the absurd, in the everyday. "I only make music for the reason that I didn't have anyone to dance with," she says.

The video for Backpack was shot in the French riviera, directed by A.T.Mann and Napoleon Habeica - who also collaborated with Meller on the NYC Time video - styled by Nao Koyabu, designed by Vin & Omi, Bella Gonshorovitz and Michael Polkanov, and shot by Clemens Krueger.

Meller says the video represents a memoir of summer French holidays, an homage to the French new wave cinema such as Pierrot Le Fou by Godard, and George Anri Cluzot's masterpiece L'Enfer. "Pushing the unconscious libidinal dream into reality, that's what fascinates me."

Backpack is released via Bigger Splash on October 7. 


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