Phantom Runners


Thursday 29th January 2015
'Laserbeam' is Phantom Runners' first single of the year. IThe track was written under the production guidance of Fun Lovin’ Criminals' Huey Morgan, and is a trippy, laid back pop tune which puts some warmth back into winter. 


The Brighton-based band have been busy writing a number of new tracks, moving towards a more groove/poly-rhythmic based sound, having been listening to the latest Blood Orange album and all of Michael Jackson's albums. Speaking of 'Laserbeam' the band wrote -


"We wanted a track that kind of felt like you were in another realm. Like a lucid facade of colours with an imaginary girl. The inspiration started from a picture I had on my head. To hear colours and see sound I guess. The lyrics just came naturally. We tried to not write this track, but to let it write itself. This is the way our songs tend to get written in their rawest form in 10 minutes.. We believe there is a kind of voodoo that happens when people get together to jam and just play without thinking or trying. Its kind of going back to the old school, then adding embellishments later"


Phantom Runners released their debut EP Relevance at the end of summer last year, and they are set for more superb releases after 'Laserbeam' for 2015. 

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