Monday 12th November 2012

Piñata are five men with a plan. Forming in 2011 almost by chance, they go on to play their first show with just three rehearsals under their belt and record their demo on tape that same night: 15 minutes of tropical garage crafted in smelly basements.  Following that exhilarating debut they decide to play anywhere that will give them more than two beers per head, and in just a few months they share stage with some of Barcelona's best-loved bands and start generating a buzz in the local scene that leads to a split 7" with Galician band Telephones Rouges.

After an unwanted hiatus that saw them slipping under the radar for a while and changing drummer, in the summer of 2012 they hole up in yet another smelly basement, this time their friends' Janowski Studios, to record the songs that will bring them back to life. The result is Amics/Enemics, a double-sided EP that shows the many sides of these five men with a plan: from tropically tinged gems of garage pop to loud post-punk anthems, they go from summery lo-fi jams to big, dark bangers without spilling a drop of their beers.  Amics/Enemics will see the light in early 2013 as a co-release by Mama Vynila Records and the recently created Hao!Discos, and after shows with the likes of JC Satan and Holograms, Piñata are eagerly waiting to spread the message and keep punching life in the gut. 

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