Laid back Swedish slacker rock

Monday 2nd November 2015

Stockholm’s Pinemen are releasing their debut, self-titled EP in November, and here is the first taste of it in the form of ‘Essence Of Easy Going’, also the band’s first official single.

The track manages to be flirts between laid back, almost slacker rock, and intense, gritty garage, providing a listen that is never comfortable, but always compelling.

‘Essence Of Easy Going’ follows only a number of Bandcamp demos the band had released as a two-piece.

They’ve now added a second guitar and drums, and the EP is set to come out on the PNKSLM label, which is fast becoming a home for the blossoming garage scene in the Swedish capital.

Pinemen’s self-titled EP is coming out in November via PNKSLM. Stream ‘The Essence Of Easy Going’.

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