Monday 21st July 2014

PRE-Be-UN is an alias of Nicolai Kleinerman Koch (keys in Oh No Ono and Choir of Young Believers). In 2012, we asked Nicolai to make us a tape as we knew he had so much great material that wasn’t released. Nevertheless Nicolai started from scratch and has produced one of the most amazing soundscapes known to us and we released it on the cassette “Coral Carol”.

With PRE-Be-UN, Kleinerman shows a new facet of his musical personality: he is now an ambitious, confident and playful front-figure of his own band. PRE-Be-UN has reminiscences of his colorful past with the elements of hip hop, soul, and more complex collage psych-rock. In PRE-Be-UN it all falls into place in an impressing homogenous genre hybrid. PRE-Be-UN’s next release, clean spasms, consists of alternative pop music.

PRE-Be-UN’s clean spasms is musical playfulness interplaying with an electronic universe; it is an abstract approach to the texture of music and Nicolai Kleinerman Koch’s characteristic vocal makes PRE-Be-UN a polychrome and unaccustomed edgy whole.

PRE-Be-UN is first and foremost alternative pop music. The expression is minimalistic despite complex instrumental arrangements including samples, vintage synths and effects, plectrum bass, and analogue sequencers.


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