Pulled Apart By Horses - Merry Christmas Everyone


Thursday 18th December 2014

Does your granny always tell you that the old ones are the best?

We're very pro-Slade here at Fred Perry Subculture. Besides their festive banger, Slade are one of the best recorded examples of what was happening within subcultures in the UK's Midlands in the late 60s and early 70s, with the band adopting a suedehead look before developing their familiar sideburns and fringes. Noel Gallagher famously stated that Slade's 'How Does It Feel' is "one of the best songs written, in the history of pop, ever".

So, when a band we've seen put awe into audiences at Dot to Dot, cover Slade's seasonal shopping / office party anthem (with a twist) we think it's well worth giving a spin!

Pulled Apart By Horses and DZ Deathrays are doing a festive Christmas split, out on 7” vinyl - out now!

PABH's mirrored top hat tip to the great Noddy Holder is backed with DZ Deathrays cover of Mud's Lonely This Christmas. Listen below:

Catch up with PABH over on their site at www.pulledapartbyhorses.com


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