Rejjie Snow


Friday 1st February 2013

He has visions in his dreams, he’s influenced by Miles Davis, Nas and Andre 3000. He drinks while he writes his rhymes down, is a massive fan of an English football team, and he doesn’t mess with Mary Jane. These aren’t the normal characteristics of a hip-hop artist trying to make it big. But, that’s just it: Rejjie Snow is anything but your ordinary hip hop artist. This talented 19-year-old rapper is being touted as the next star to shoot out of the Emerald Isle. He’s already gaining a following in the U.K and spreading his rhymes slowly across the European continent. For Rejjie, the jump across the pond is one he wants to take, and the man formerly known as Lecs Luther has an interest in Canada, drinking, King Krule, jazz, football, and the future.

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