Friday 25th November 2011

With their self titled debut garnering strong support from the media masses when released in February this year, the East London duo Royalty’s latest 5 track EP 'Purple Nights' comes with great anticipation.

Out now on a limited run of 500 purple vinyl and released digitally via all major outlets, ‘Purple Nights’ represents the 80’s tinged new future boogie sound that is supported by many DJ’s and producers across the board. Mastered at Air Studios by Matt Coulton (James Blake, Pearson Sound) and featuring a 1980's NYC flavoured house remix by Berlin-based Detroiter Jimmy Edgar, the EP champions the music of the moment. With irresistible synth hooks and prevalent retro influences, ‘Purple Nights’ is a piece of work that will certainly be well received.

Nick Otter.


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