Rusos Blancos


Wednesday 9th November 2011

After listening to this album, a feeling of optimism prevails, not just because of the composition of harmonies and structures, the measured and careful arrangements, the way exhibitionism is avoided: it is optimistic because RUSOS BLANCOS understand the work of writing songs as a way to join a tradition. There is a feedback with the tradition of lyricists and songwriters, thus the optimism.

The whole of "Sí a todo" is a compendium of well-drawn pieces, better advised by the wisdom of Paco Loco. This can be felt in the mattresses where the verses sleep and, all in all, in its skewed optimism. Sometimes it is the string arrangements, sometimes it is the chorus with masculine and feminine voices, sometimes it is the original reversal of the chords. To sum it up, it is the mastery of the "sometimes".

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