shut up and play the hits


Thursday 12th January 2012

It was a sad day when James Murphy announced that LCD-Soundsystem's 10 year rein over our airwaves was coming to a close. Having giving us three groundbreaking albums and arguably changing the way in which some artists construct and compose their own brand of electronica, they are soon to release onto the world a film documenting the lead up to, and their final gig last April at Madison Square Gardens.

Just when you thought the innovative times of James and his gang was over, they have come up with their final piece in the shape of "Shut Up And Play The Hits". Directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, expect to gain a much deeper insight on the man himself and what gets his musical juices flowing. James has always had the knack of simplistic and poignant lyrics, although often juxtaposed over Dance Punk anthems; the slower of his material has touched many. He has a deft touch in the art of simple human observations, which is perhaps why he has gained such a devout following. Showcasing at Sundance January 22nd, this could quite easily scoop best Documentary, so Mr Murphy, best iron that Tux.


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